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  • 30 Day Support Group connect with fellow members and Dan throughout the thirty days for daily support & accountability - $97 value
  • Ketofy Your Kitchen training video on how to ketofy your kitchen and your life - $17 value
  • Weekly Full Colour Menus with recipes like Beanless Chili and Keto-friendly 'Breaded' Chicken - $197 value
  • Supplements & Electrolyte Training Video know which supplements you should always take and how to keep your electrolytes up - $17 value
  • Daily Food Journal Accountability Every member posts food pics of their meals to stay accountable and share ideas - $37 value
  • Core Food List Quick Start Guide with a list of foods to stock in your fridge/kitchen for success on the program - $27 value
  • 30 Daily Motivational Pep Talk Videos with Crystal-lee - $97
  • 30 Daily Keto Tech & Science Talk Videos with Dan - $97
  • 3 Weekly Q&A Live Streams during these weekly livestreams you can ask Dan anything and get on the spot coaching. Mondays @8pm, Wednesday @9pm and Fridays at 1pm EST
  • 8 Pre-recorded Cooking Lessons learn how to make delicious keto meals the whole family will enjoy with these easy to follow recipes. - $197 value
  • Weekly Accountability Weigh Ins share your weigh in results and measurements - PRICELESS
  • BONUS! - Fast Food & Restaurant Guide Video How to order out at fast food and restaurants to stay Keto on the go!
  • BONUS! - Holiday Special Bonus (Easter Surprise!) 
  • BONUS! - Weight Loss Tracker (Printable) Record your weight loss and measurements

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